- Fees

Important Information

Patient fees vary greatly with your age, your entitlement to subsidies and the services we provide.

  • Subsidised fees apply to New Zealand citizens and those with permanent residency
  • Please enquire about our fees if you do not have permanent residency status.
  • From the 1st of September 2019 cheaper fees became available to enrolled patients who have a Community Services Card for GP/Nurse standard consultations only.   Usual charges apply for all other services.
  • An additional fee may be charged for complex or longer consultations. 
  • Normal consultation charges apply to Virtual or Phone Consultations.
  • Repeat prescription requests that do NOT require a doctors appointment should be made through our patient portal or contact us directly.
  • For continuity of care it is important that you see the doctor that you are enrolled with if possible.  This will result in better care for you.
  • Follow up appointments are not usually discounted.
  • A non attendance fee of $40 may be charged for appointments that are cancelled without sufficient notice.
  • Fees apply to most nursing services. (see table below) including children aged under 14.
  • There will be an additional fee of $20 for adults and a $10 surcharge for children 14 -17 who are seen for a doctor’s appointment on Saturday at our After Hours Clinic.
  • Please see our Services and Charges Brochure at reception for a full list of charges.  
  • Please note that emails or phone calls to GP's of a clinical nature may incur a charge.  This includes requests for emailed results.
  • Fees are the discounted rates if paid in full on the day.
  • If not paid in full an additional $7.00 fee will be charged for all age groups.
  • You may pay your account using internet banking - please ensure you reference your payment with the name of the patient the invoice is for.
  • Our account number for internet banking is 06 0507 0833810-00

Enrolled Patient Fees for standard consultations - including Virtual and Phone Consultations

The table of fees below shows our standard consultation fee for enrolled patients in the different age groups. 

Age (years) Under 14 14-17   18-24 25-44 45-64 65+
Standard Fee Free $46.00 $56.00 $56.00 $56.00 $56.00


Reduced fees apply to enrolled patients who hold a Community Services Card for standard GP/Nurse Consultations

Children Under 14  are        Free

Children aged 14-17         $13.00   

Adults aged     18+            $19.50     


Nursing Service Fees

Nurse Consultations $27.00
Nurse Consultation - CSC  $19.00
Nurse Education Consultation (30 minute appointment) $40..00
Nurse Smear Clinic (no CSC)  $43.00
Nurse Smear Clinic (with CSC) $19.50
Nutrition & Lifestyle (30 minute appointment) $42.00
Travel Consultations (Standard) $75.00
Travel Consult (Additional Adult) $30.00
Travel Consult (Additional Child) $20.00
Audiogram $42.00
Blood test $15.00
Blood Pressure ($10.00 without a script - $5 with a script) $10.00
Dressings (variable up to) $30.00
Dressings (ACC) $15.00
ECG $47.00
Injection (nurse appointment only) $21.00
Injection (with GP appointment) $16.00
Liquid Nitrogen  (fee applies to all age groups)

$21.00 to $42.00

New Patient Medical $20.00
Nebuliser Kit $10.00
Pregnancy Test  $15.00
Removal of Stitches (surgery done at BMC) $0.00
Removal of Stitches (surgery done elsewhere) $20.00
Flu Vaccinations Adults ($20.00 for children under 6) $30.00 
Spirometry $80.00
Special Foods Application $20.00
Tympanogram $15.00