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Important Information re: Appointments at BMC

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Most of our services will resume from the 18th of May.

Although, to protect our vulnerable patients and our staff, we are having to continue to change the way we work for a few weeks.

If it is an emergency are having chest pains or are short of breath, phone us directly or phone 111.

Patients are NOT allowed into the practice unless they have been screened by staff first on the phone.

Please do NOT come into the Medical Centre unless you have rung us first - 03 3323069

Our Saturday drop in clinic is currently closed.


We are asking all patients making appointments if they have a blocked or runny nose, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath.

This includes any support person who is attending your appointment with you and children attending child health clinics.

Patients with any respiratory symptoms will be seen in a separate Clinic at the Medical Centre.

We will ask you not to bring the whole family to attend appointments and to bring only one support person.

We need to do this to limit the number of people in our waiting room.

As well as physical appointments at the Medical Centre you can book a  non contact Virtual or Phone Consultation  with your doctor.

These can be booked online via our Patient Portal or by phoning us directly (03 3323069)

See information on our Patient Portal for further information on Virtual Consultations.

Not all appointments are suitable for Virtual and Phone Consultations and they should not be booked if you think your problem requires a physical examination.

See our Fees Page for charges and bank account details.  

We will text payment details following Virtual or Phone Consultations and payments can be made online.

Respiratory Clinic

To protect our well patients, we are running a separate respiratory Clinic  at the Medical Centre and will see patients with respiratory problems in this clinic.

Unfortunately this may not be your usual doctor.

Patients who have respiratory problems will be asked to wait in their car and to phone us when they have arrived for their appointment.

Patients in this clinic will not wait in the waiting room or pay at reception. 

All payments will be online and we will text account details to you following your consultation.

Child Health Clinics

Appointments for Child Health are available. Patients with appointments will be asked to wait in their car until the time of their appointment.

We will ask you to phone us when you have arrived and tell us where you are parked and the number plate of your car.

Our Child Health nurses will come to your car when they are ready for you and bring you into the Medical Centre so you do not have to wait in the waiting room.

If you have had a vaccination we will ask you to wait in your car for 5 minutes in the car park. 

Flu Vaccines

Unfortunately there is still a very limited supply of flu vaccines.  We are phoning our patients who are over 65 and patients who are in the eligible group for appointments when vaccines are available. We are currently unable to vaccinate patients who are not in the eligible group until we have a reliable supply of vaccines.

Due to the situation with Covid-19 we are giving our flu vaccines in our carpark like a drive through.

Please arrive close to the time of your appointment and enter the carpark at the entry driveway and drive to the back of the carpark just behind the building.

Queue here and wait in your car until we come to you. Do not park your car.

Wear suitable clothing as the vaccination will be given to you in your car.

We will ask you to wait for 5 minutes in your car following your vaccination before leaving.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.  These are difficult times for everyone including our staff who have been working under very stressful circumstances.