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Reduced fees for Community Services Card Holders

A new government initiative to reduce fees for Community Services Card holders was rolled out to General Practices on the 1st of December last year.

GP's have been given the option to opt into this initiative at various dates over the year.

This practice is not currently receiving any additional funding to support reducing fees for CSC holders for non ACC consultations.

While we very much support being able to lower fees, we have made the difficult decision not to opt into this scheme at present.

This decision has been made due to our concerns that the practice will effectively receive a reduction in government subsidies when the anticipated increased demand for our services takes effect. This may well affect the ability of our practice to provide the same level of service we now provide and also result in delays in being able to see your GP.

We will review this decision again later in the year once the full impact of the government funding changes are known.

We have reduced fees for ACC consultations for CSC card holders from the 1st of December and offer free appointments for all children under 14 years old.

In the meantime if you are experiencing financial hardship, please speak to reception to arrange an automatic payment to spread the cost of visits over the year making it easier to budget, or discuss with your GP or Practice Manager.