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- Virtual and Phone Consultations

Virtual and Phone Consultatons 

Virtual Consultations mean that you can talk to your GP face to face without coming into the Medical Centre. 

Phone Consultations are also available with your doctor.

Some patients may still be required to attend for a physical examination, which may be an additional charge.

If you think your problem requires a physical examination, please phone us directly 03 3323069 to book a face to face consultation at the 

Medical Centre.  If it is an emergency; i.e. you have chest pains or are short of breath

  • Do not book a Virtual Consultation or a Phone Consultation

  • Phone us directly 03 3323069 or dial 111.

  • Virtual consultations and Phone Consultations  are unavailable to casual or unenrolled patients.

How to Pay for a Virtual or Phone Consultation

Fees for Virtual Consultations and Phone Consultations are the same as regular face-to-face consultations.

Following your Virtual or Phone consultation we will text you to let you know how much you need to pay..

How to book a Virtual or Phone Consultation

You can book a Virtual or Phone Consultation online via our website Patient Portal,  or book by phoning reception.

Please phone 03 3323069 and specify that you would like a Virtual Consultation or a Phone Consultation.

For Phone Consultations, your doctor will phone you as close to the appointment time as possible.

For Virtual Consultations we will text you instructions on how to join the consultation via a secure website link on the day of your appointment.

If booking online, you will receive an email from noreply@connectmed.co.nz which will include the doxy me link to the doctors waiting room

and instructions on how to connect.

  • It important to carefully read the instructions in the email.
  • You must check in for your visit so the doctor can link to you.
  • Appropriate Online Virtual Consultation Options Include;

  • Acc Consultations
  • Patients with mild to moderate respiratory illnesses
  • Off Work Certificates
  • Travel Medicine or Travel Advice
  • Sickness Benefit Reviews
  • ACC Extension Reviews
  • Long Term Mental Health Reviews
  • Long Term Condition Reviews
  • When a Physical examination is NOT required

What you need for Online Video Consultations;

  • A smartphone, tablet or laptop or computer that has;
  • A camera and microphone
  • And is connected to the internet