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- Doctors Appointments

Doctor Appointments

All appointments are up to 15 minutes and usual charges apply for both Face to Face appointments and Phone Appointments.

Please let us know if you have flu or covid symptoms and we will book you into our separate respiratory clinic.

All emergencies will take priority and appointment times are approximate.

We will do our best to see you the same day when needed if your appointment is urgent. 

In the event that we are fully booked, please speak to the nurse who may advise you to visit the 24 Hour Surgery.

For continuity of care it is important that you see the doctor that you are enrolled with if possible.

However, if your doctor is fully booked you will be offered another day, or an appointment with one of the other doctors.

Follow up consultations are not usually discounted and usual fees apply.

If your problem is urgent,  please explain to the receptionist, she may ask you to talk to the nurse.

Please allow enough time to arrive on time for your appointment. If you are late you may be asked to rebook for another time/day.

A non attendance fee ($40) may be charged for appointments cancelled without sufficient notice. 

We require two hours notice for cancellation of appointments.

Double appointments are required for:

  • More than one person attending
  • IUCD insertion
  • Biopsies
  • Wedge Resection
  • Multiple problems
  • Medicals; Insurance, Outward Bound, GAP, Boxing, LSV
  • Drivers Licence Medicals
  • If you are unsure please ask the reception staff to advise you on the correct appointment for you.

Visit Our Services page for further information. 


We offer all our patients the right to have a chaperone present during examinations.

You may wish to bring a support person with you or have a nurse chaperone.

Please ensure your support person is vaccinated and has no respiratory symptoms.

Please let reception know or ask your doctor or practice nurse.

If You Are Infectious?

Please let us know if you have respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat,  cough, runny nose,  short of breath etc.

Phone and ask to speak to the Practice Nurse.

We will book you into our separate Respiratory Clinic and will ask you to wait in your car until the doctor is ready for you.