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- Test Results

Test Results

If the results of your laboratory tests require further treatment, we will contact you by telephone or letter.

If the results of your laboratory tests are normal it is our policy NOT to routinely contact patients.

If you wish to confirm your test results please give us a call on 03 332 3069 and ask to speak to a nurse.

PLEASE NOTE: You can have normal results in the presence of significant illness.

It is important that you re-attend if your symptoms are persisting, or any new symptoms develop.

If you wish to know more about what your laboratory tests mean, try www.labtestsonline.org

It is important however, that all laboratory tests are interpreted in full clinical context.

Your GP is the best person to do this.

Tests/Referrals Requested by the Hospital

If you are seen in an outpatients clinic, or discharged from hospital, your doctor may be asked to organise followup tests or referrals.

Please be aware that charges may apply for services that the hospital asks us to organise on your behalf.