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Travel Health Clinic - available for enrolled patients only

If planning travel overseas, we can help with your pre-travel preparations.

Barrington Medical Centre offers a comprehensive range of vaccines and advice on how to stay safe and healthy while you are away.

Our aim is to make preparing for travel simple and easy. With the right vaccinations and health advice, you can relax and enjoy your trip knowing you are prepared.

Travel health information changes all the time and requirements vary depending on your past health, which vaccines you have had before, what you will be doing while you are away and which part of a particular country you are visiting.

We can give you up to date information about your exact requirements.

Vaccinations for Overseas Travel

Most vaccines are available at Barrington Medical Centre except Yellow Fever.

Prescriptions may be required for Malaria prevention, or medication required to treat other upsets, such as traveller’s diarrhoea.

When should the vaccines be given?

Most travellers need to seek advice eight weeks before departure, but if you are leaving at short notice, it is never too late to see us.

When your travel itinerary is known, download and complete our Travel Health Questionnare Form. (see link below)

Once completed you can either email to secretary@barringtonmc.co.nz or drop off to reception.

One of our Travel Nurses will contact you to arrange an appointment time with you.

Please be aware that a charge applies when the form is returned to us, whether or not you proceed to vaccinate.

What do I need for the appointment?

Your itinerary or trip details; including areas you are visiting, type of accommodation and activities.

Record of any previous vaccinations.

How long is the appointment?

Travel Consultations are approximately 30-45 minutes per person, depending on your health history, destination and vaccinations required.

How much will it cost?

There is an initial $75.00 fee for the travel nurse to complete your Travel Health Questionnaire.

There are additional charges for each additional family member for completion of Travel Health Questionnaires; Adults $30.00, Children $20.00.

Each vaccination will also have a separate charge.

Full payment for vaccines are required on the day of consultation,  prior to vaccines being given.

See our list of Travel Consultation and Vaccine Costs Price List.

Post Travel Health Assessments

Even if you are experiencing no symptoms following your overseas travel, you could still be at risk of harbouring an infectious disease. Please phone and speak to a practice nurse if you have any concerns 03 3323069.

Travel Health Questionnaire

Download our Travel Health Questionnaire 2020.pdf - by clicking this link.